Marcos details first Cabinet meeting

Facing the media for the first time after winning the Malacañang seat,  President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said his first Cabinet meeting was meant to engage all departments in ensuring unity of action.,“I want to make sure that every department, every agency has already the plan in mind so our Cabinet is coordinated, the secretaries with each other,” Marcos told the media in a press briefing at Heroes Hall in Malacañang Palace on Tuesday, 5 July, afternoon.,During the meeting, Marcos’ economic managers presented economic concepts that they eye to pursue to jumpstart the economy.,The President said his administration’s “central policy” will come from the economic managers and other departments’ policies must adhere to it.,“We had discussions with the economic team, who were able to put out the general principles that they would like to do. Then followed by (Vice President) Inday Sara (Duterte), who gave her ideas on how we will return slowly to face-to-face education in the next semester,” said Marcos.,“After which, we talked with the Department of Transport at great length about some of the plans that we have to support the return of our students to face-to-face.”,Marcos said he plans to conduct two Cabinet meetings per week to formulate a clear-cut course of action for the next six years.,“It’s important to me that the entire Cabinet understands what it is we are trying to do, how we are going to do it, what the timetable is, and how it all fits together. And that’s what we made a good start on today,” he said.,Nevertheless, Marcos has given the department heads “a relatively free hand” to get the “bureaucracy streamlined”.,“So each department got very different instructions. The only thing that we have to realize how interconnected all the government is. That everything that’s done on one hand affects the government in another place, sometimes not to its advantage. So we have to be careful about doing all of that properly,” he explained.,“I supposed if there is one single one, let’s get our bureaucracy streamlined. I gave them – I said I will not – I give you a relatively free hand in deciding who you want to hire and how you want to change the structure of your department if indeed that’s what you want to do. But do it soon because we have work to do and we have to get to work immediately.”