Julia Michaels Deactivated Her Twitter Account After Bombarding A Fan For Saying They Didn’t Like Her Songwriting And Tweeting That “Life Would Be So Much Easier” If She Were Queer

Julia Michaels has caught some heat online after bluntly claiming that she wrote “all” of the songs on Sabrina Carpenter’s new album, titled
emails i can’t send.,Sabrina released the 13-track album last Friday, and it’s already amassed millions of streams across Spotify and Apple Music.,The songs on the album appear to chart Sabrina’s personal experiences with relationships, love, and loss. On the whole, fans of the 23-year-old have expressed their admiration for the heartfelt tracks, with many critics also labeling
emails i can’t send as her best project yet.,However, the album has inadvertently caused some drama online, after artist Julia Michaels — who is credited with cowriting six of the 13 songs on Sabrina’s album — clashed with a fan of the young singer.,While sharing their thoughts on
emails i can’t send across a detailed Twitter thread, the fan account expressed their largely positive opinions on the album.,At one point, the fan appeared to make reference to Julia Michaels as they wrote: “i like this [song] but god i hate the way julia writes.” However, there was no mention of her last name, Michaels.,Well, things got messy when Julia decided to directly respond to the fan and say: “But I thought you hate the way I write cause fyi… I wrote Fucking all of these,” according to screenshots widely circulating online.,Seemingly very frustrated, Julia went on to tweet: “But I thought you hate the way I write” multiple times in response to the fan, who later revealed that the
Heaven singer had also blocked them.,Julia’s extensive response to the fan sparked a pretty mixed reaction online. While many argued that the singer had overreacted, some suggested that her annoyance was understandable given how long she’s faced comments “insulting her writing.”,“Why is Julia Michaels having a one-sided feud with a stan account,” one user wrote, adding that Julia was “not even tagged” in the original tweet.,“someone tell julia michaels to take a deep breath and count to ten,” another tweeted.,“leave julia michaels alone,” one person argued. “she’s a close friend of sabrina’s obviously she wasn’t taking all the credit for
eics.”,“people were insulting her writing way before the album even came out so her frustration is understandable,” they added. “we don’t need to dramatize everything.”,Before long, Julia ended up deactivating her Twitter account entirely, though it’s unknown whether this incident caused her to do so. Days prior, in fact, the singer faced a wave of backlash as she apparently tweeted that life “would be much easier” if she were queer.,Julia, whose public relationships have always been with guys, replied to a fan who’d quipped about being a lesbian, writing: “Life would be much easier.”,Unsurprisingly, her out-of-touch comment sparked outrage online, with one follower tweeting: “queer people have to struggle with so [much] more than cis straight people so please don’t say it would be ‘easier’ to be queer when in lots of countries being queer is not allowed or even punished with death penalty.”,“hey julia, while I’m sure you meant no harm with this reply, it’s really harmful to say that it would just be easier to be queer. so many queer people get kicked out of their homes abused or even killed simply for being themselves. please delete this,” wrote another.,“easier??” a third questioned. “Queer people are afraid of their lives everyday, please stop being so damn ignorant.”,Julia has yet to comment on anything that’s unfolded, but we’ll be sure to update you if she does.