Watch: Former MOMOLAND Member Daisy Says She Was “Fired” From Group + Still Doesn’t Know Why

Former MOMOLAND member Daisy has spoken up about being forced to leave the group.

During a recent live broadcast on TikTok, Daisy expressed her frustration with the common misconception that she voluntarily left MOMOLAND, emphasizing in English that she was “fired” by MLD Entertainment.

“Guys, for the love of God, I did not leave, I was fired,” said the former idol. “Fired. Okay?”

However, Daisy went on to share that she has since made her peace with the situation. “It’s been so long,” she continued. “It’s all good. It is A-okay.”

When asked by fans why she had been fired, Daisy replied with a laugh, “‘Cause I don’t know either. That’s why—I don’t know. Like, if I knew, I would have probably un-fired myself? So…”

When a fan commented, “I didn’t know you can get fired from that,” Daisy laughed, “You know what? I didn’t know either.”

After debuting with MOMOLAND in 2016, Daisy promoted as a member of the group for several years before it was announced in March 2019 that she would not be participating in their comeback with “I’m So Hot.” At the time, MLD Entertainment stated that Daisy would be returning for the group’s next album, but she never wound up rejoining the group.

In January 2020, Daisy revealed in an interview with KBS that MLD Entertainment had refused to let her resume promotions with MOMOLAND despite her desire to return. When she then attempted to terminate her contract with the agency, they demanded that she pay a large penalty for breach of contract.

At the time, MLD Entertainment responded with a statement denying Daisy’s claims and linking her hiatus to the 2019 reports that she was dating iKON‘s Yunhyeong.

Check out the clip of Daisy talking about being “fired” from MOMOLAND below:

So the reason daisy “left” momoland is because she was fired …

— cai (@coupschan_) July 2, 2022

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